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Wheat Field

Your Life, Your Narrative

A fundamental component of my work is about supporting clients to explore their life experiences in their own way using their own narrative. For some, the prospect of this can be daunting, however knowing they will be listened to and not judged can help to make this process feel more manageable.

I am trained in the Humanistic Integrative approach to counselling. This approach recognises the uniqueness of the individual and the importance for the therapy to adapt to the client’s personal needs. Depending on the client, the work will contain aspects of Psychodynamic with elements of Humanistic Counselling, Existential, CBT, philosophy and creative therapies.

Integral to the progress and success of therapy is the working alliance within the client-therapist relationship. I will often use my observations of the dynamics between myself and the client into the therapy. I have found that the willingness of both the Counsellor and client to discuss what’s happening in the here-and-now is a valuable means of gaining further insight into one’s relationships and experiences outside the therapy room.

The therapy will challenge you at the same time as maintaining respect for your unique way of understanding and living your life.

View of Meditation Garden

As a registered member of the BACP I adhere to the BACP’s Ethical Framework and Professional Conduct Procedure.

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